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Digging deep

27 Apr


What is it you are seeking? What do you need? What do you want? ….

Is it the wish to explore your inner slut? Do you wish to explore further in pain? How about your little side?

In digging down deep, which is not all that difficult i have decided that with me it depends on my day. Every day i want to serve, have purpose and explore my sexual desires…

my sexual desires….to be flogged, spanked, bound, played with gently and fucked hard.

Hmmm, my inner slut? Well, my deepest submissive desires that resonate in my toes and fill my entire being. The deep ache that comes from being controlled fully, that one. That desire to do good simply because i want to please You. That one. The feeling that serving You gives me, that one. The one where the end result has me spinning so fast and furious i can no longer form thoughts. That one. However, i am not fond at all of the word slut. In fact, in a way it makes my skin crawl.

Pain. That is tricky for me. Pain only exists in the beginning then i cross that threshold where it is pure adrenaline based hunger and need for more. Somewhere in between “no” and “ouch” there is an immense pleasure that is a feeling that is out of this world. The problem is getting passed the tears to that point. Letting go. Not being afraid. Trust. Break those walls down and send me to the moon and back.

ohhh to the moon and back, a beautiful Segway to my little side.

That is a tough one, or not so tough at all. i love all things little. i love my blankies, in fact to the point i brought my minnie mouse blanket to a baseball game on a cold rainy day recently. i love all things Disney. Okay, Disneyworld three times in one year? i love my flannel jammies, for my long hair to be brushed and played with..i love to be called Your good girl, i try not to be bratty, but need corrected if i am or else i think You are not paying attention. i am needy. i need to be spanked. i love the color pink. However, i just can not call You Daddy.

i want to be in a collar, at Your feet, coloring one minute, pleasuring You the next…





Wet Dreams

7 Feb


she is lying on her stomach, restless in the sheets. she squirms in all the directions hoping for the slightest wrinkle to glide across her protruding clit. Before she knows it, she is raised to her knees,exposing herself in the most vulnerable positions.  fingers trace her swollen lips and are now glistening in her excitement. she begins to rock taking great relief in the invasion. Moans and sounds of pure pleasure escape her pillow,”CUM”. The sweet release of excitement from head to toe consumes her body. Hips wild, holes gaping, greedy for more. she settles in assuming that was it, not ungreatful,still wanting more however! Suddenly the fingers invade her sex again. Rough and fast, she wants to explode.” Get up now, to the toy box, your orgasms are for me and I want to watch”

Half alert, completely focused she places the dildo on the toy box and waits for instruction. Blushing and slightly uncomfortable, completely trusting though. Go on, you need to lower yourself down onto the cock. Slowly she does as instructed. So eager to please and desperate to cum. “Faster, when you are restless and can not sleep this is what your body craves, my release”


Simply Living

5 Feb


The basics.

Fundamentals. Purpose.

His words. your body responds.

sweet nectar dripping from your thighs.

His approval. your world.

Focus. Motivation.

~The basics of life really,just a little sweeter


11 Oct


The sun shines through. Warms her soul. Although her mind is racing. her world is dark. she wants.she can not have. she is aching. That magical ache of lust. she is temperamental. she is needy. her scent cascades as her need trickles. her breasts are full and tender. she is a mixture of untamed emotions. she takes to her knees. she now sees the sun shine through. He has given her strength today. He has brought her focus. He has given her purpose. Today.


20 Sep


she took to her knees

she was given it all

not an easy task for her

she choked and she gagged

making a mess

~look into my eyes pet, think a little less~

she started to relax after hours it seemed

He pulled on her pony tail and ran His finger across her cheek

take it once more, all the way this time my sweet.


she worked for Him. she pleased Him. To her, He is everything. her body is spent. Tears streaming down her flushed skin. her sex is on fire, an excitement that makes her quiver. He quietly gives her a drink and admires her beauty. she looks at Him with a grin and He gives her the look. ~What is it pet? Tell me what you need~ In a quiet shy voice, not the voice of a woman that buried His cock deep in her throat, she says she wants to play. ~Play? What do you mean exactly by “play”?~ she looks at His naked body as He basks in her desires, speechless, she can not speak the words. He will not give in, He is always in control. ~tell me what you need little one, what is it that you crave?~ i want to ….her voice trails off. Silence fills the room, His stare hits her soul, in a voice neither one has ever heard she boldly says…i want to ride your cock Sir.

~Good girl, of course you may~

her body is not meeting her mind. her mind is filled with colors, her head light as air. she slides down His length and begins to rock. her hips are thrusting, her breasts are swelling, her breath is gone. she drops to His chest and begs to cum….so close, so needed, so out of control. her body giving its all. Suddenly His hands push her up by her tender breasts….

~sit up like the proud woman you are, and then you may cum, one more thing…don’t you dare stop fuck your way through my gift to you~

Tidal waves of pure pleasure, wanting to stop, pleasure turned to beautiful pain, she sees Him grinning up at her as another wave of painful delight rushes through her body. Squeezing down on His gift pushing deeper than ever before. His hands milking her breasts, toying with her taunt tits. He pumps into her harder and faster, pleased with His pet, He lets go as waves of passion collide.

she wakes on His chest, He is holding her tight. I am proud of my girl. Sweet dreams tonight.



Finally Friday..He left mail.

16 Sep


Anticipation has her mind spinning. she went away for an evening,she did as instructed; her ass was filled throughout the evening. she called when she woke. All He said was you will find an envelope on the bedside,have a good day.
Butterflies dance in her belly, waves of excitement flood her thong. Every song she hears has her thinking,every breath she breathes has her thinking,He is all consuming. her drive seems an eternity. her legs tremble as she enters the house. As He said,there is an envelope on her bedside. In fact there are several. she opens the first,sits on her toy box and smiles with delight.

   Dear pet, welcome home. I trust You are home and ready to prepare yourself for my taking. Set your alarm for 5 minutes and orgasm as much as                 you would like using only your fingers. Remember the number of orgasms. Send me only the number via e mail. Open the next envelope. Sir

Instantly she is lost in His world. Nothing else matters. All of her plans for the day have escaped. her fingers begin to dance. her desires intense. her finger tip meets her swollen sex and she begins to orgasm. Tracing her sex she orgasms again,a little stronger than the last. Laying back,she is interrupted, her time is up. Left breathless and aching for more. she knows she has to move on.

                                                                   …..she’s got mail.

Lovely morning…

1 Jun


her body rises with the sun. He wants her,now. The curtain half open she becomes kissed by the sun. she kneels without words,she has learned to read His desires. He kisses her flesh,caresses her curves. Stretches her arms,His fingers massage their way until they become entwined in hers. He begins to work. she focuses on breathing,He takes her very breath. He places the leather handle at the small of her back. The feel makes her moan. He smiles,slips a finger in her swollen sex. A lovely morning My pet.