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Music in my soul…

30 Mar


Finally, a beautiful sunny day. Grab the    music and the sneakers, just hit play. Start slow, a little timid, a little shy. The music in my ears clears my head and mind. The pace picks up, the skin begins to warm. The body begins to tingle, breathing increases, heart races. Toes begin to curl,  I want to give in. Please just let me give in. The music gets louder, my body trembles. My thighs ache, there is a pulse between my legs. My tits begin to swell. The music continues to play. Sweating and breathless a familiar ache consumes my body. A warm drip begins to distract me. The music plays on. The drip becomes release as endorphins flood my soul. The run becomes steady, the breathing begins to slow. My body becomes light. No stopping now I know I’m not finished. The music plays on. The song is intense as is my pace. Everything heats up, once again my heart begins to race. Please just give in, I know I can’t hold on. A deep breath and sigh of release, I experience an amazing orgasm as my feet run along the street. My body is spent, my panties are soaked. I get to the driveway flushed and grinning beyond belief. The music in my ears was in my heart and my soul. I pressed “pet’s playlist ” and it took me exactly where I needed to go! 


26 Feb

1257419c44745298191fe66b7abfb54bBackpack on and ready to go, He turns to look back at my whereabouts and a tear catches His eye. No words are spoken. The backpack falls to the floor.He lifts my head,almost as if to put it square on my shoulders where it needs to be. His hands pressed firmly on my cheeks as He brings my eyes to His.

“You’ve got this lil girl,just a bit longer”

my head is as heavy as my heart, His touch is putting me back together,His hands providing the security that i need. His lips take mine in a series of kisses leaving me speechless.



Twenty years ago i noticed His hands

~now i know why~

The way my hand fits in His

The way they are always perfectly neat.

In awe of His culinary skills,so steady with a knife.

~ now i know why~

His hands never tremble nor tire,

No matter the task.

~now i know why~

His hands communicate,His hands guide the way.

His hands keep me centered.

His hands calm my soul.

~now i know why~

Twenty years later,there is no doubt in my mind,

There’s a very good reason

His hands caught my eyes.

Photo shoot…

23 Feb

Photo shoot….

The Senses. (jumbled thoughts)

29 Apr



You take my senses one by one.

You take my sight, all I see is darkness. This is not a scary darkness though. A darkness that welcomes me, the music of the night, the dance begins.

My sense of smell. Oh goodness the sense of smell. At any given moment You have me smelling the sexual aroma of my desire to serve. Toys. Yes toys. Not only do i feel full, and know my place when in public with theses toys (if people only knew),i also have this unbelievable sweet smell that makes me wild.

You take my voice…almost. As i always have 3 options. Yes Sir. No Sir. Safe word.

You calm my jitters. Bind my hands, control my movements.

It is when You are absent that i realize my senses are unusually heightened and unbearable to settle.

Perhaps i am starting to understand what makes the “good girl” tick.

So here i sit, my senses and me.

Reflecting on all that You have given to me.

my skin warms my soul.

my mouth becomes wet.

my breasts they fill and begin to ache.

my sex has become slick, wet with desire.

my body responds to all that You do.

Here i sit, my senses a direct reflection of my need to serve You.


Digging deep

27 Apr


What is it you are seeking? What do you need? What do you want? ….

Is it the wish to explore your inner slut? Do you wish to explore further in pain? How about your little side?

In digging down deep, which is not all that difficult i have decided that with me it depends on my day. Every day i want to serve, have purpose and explore my sexual desires…

my sexual desires….to be flogged, spanked, bound, played with gently and fucked hard.

Hmmm, my inner slut? Well, my deepest submissive desires that resonate in my toes and fill my entire being. The deep ache that comes from being controlled fully, that one. That desire to do good simply because i want to please You. That one. The feeling that serving You gives me, that one. The one where the end result has me spinning so fast and furious i can no longer form thoughts. That one. However, i am not fond at all of the word slut. In fact, in a way it makes my skin crawl.

Pain. That is tricky for me. Pain only exists in the beginning then i cross that threshold where it is pure adrenaline based hunger and need for more. Somewhere in between “no” and “ouch” there is an immense pleasure that is a feeling that is out of this world. The problem is getting passed the tears to that point. Letting go. Not being afraid. Trust. Break those walls down and send me to the moon and back.

ohhh to the moon and back, a beautiful Segway to my little side.

That is a tough one, or not so tough at all. i love all things little. i love my blankies, in fact to the point i brought my minnie mouse blanket to a baseball game on a cold rainy day recently. i love all things Disney. Okay, Disneyworld three times in one year? i love my flannel jammies, for my long hair to be brushed and played with..i love to be called Your good girl, i try not to be bratty, but need corrected if i am or else i think You are not paying attention. i am needy. i need to be spanked. i love the color pink. However, i just can not call You Daddy.

i want to be in a collar, at Your feet, coloring one minute, pleasuring You the next…





Dancing in my dreams

24 Apr


The dreams dance on…

In the darkest of nights, He takes her,wakes her, He says you are mine.

In the brightest of days,the dream dances on…

she kneels,she begs,she just wants to belong.

In the car,in the home,at any given time,

The dream dances on.

Gently her toes come back to the ground,

she blushes and blinks,hoping no one is around.

For now she knows her dream stays in her head,and her toes on the ground.

Life. Dare to dream.

Wet Dreams

7 Feb


she is lying on her stomach, restless in the sheets. she squirms in all the directions hoping for the slightest wrinkle to glide across her protruding clit. Before she knows it, she is raised to her knees,exposing herself in the most vulnerable positions.  fingers trace her swollen lips and are now glistening in her excitement. she begins to rock taking great relief in the invasion. Moans and sounds of pure pleasure escape her pillow,”CUM”. The sweet release of excitement from head to toe consumes her body. Hips wild, holes gaping, greedy for more. she settles in assuming that was it, not ungreatful,still wanting more however! Suddenly the fingers invade her sex again. Rough and fast, she wants to explode.” Get up now, to the toy box, your orgasms are for me and I want to watch”

Half alert, completely focused she places the dildo on the toy box and waits for instruction. Blushing and slightly uncomfortable, completely trusting though. Go on, you need to lower yourself down onto the cock. Slowly she does as instructed. So eager to please and desperate to cum. “Faster, when you are restless and can not sleep this is what your body craves, my release”