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The Time is Now. 2014

2 Jan


Life can be busy. Life can be sad. Life can be wonderful.

she can be busy. she can be sad. At times she can be wonderful.

she realizes what makes her truly happy and at peace.

she knows the time is NOW. she will commit .

The thought has her trembling thighs wet, her heart is racing

she has energy that can not be buried. Energy that will not get distracted.

The time is now.


20 Sep


she took to her knees

she was given it all

not an easy task for her

she choked and she gagged

making a mess

~look into my eyes pet, think a little less~

she started to relax after hours it seemed

He pulled on her pony tail and ran His finger across her cheek

take it once more, all the way this time my sweet.


she worked for Him. she pleased Him. To her, He is everything. her body is spent. Tears streaming down her flushed skin. her sex is on fire, an excitement that makes her quiver. He quietly gives her a drink and admires her beauty. she looks at Him with a grin and He gives her the look. ~What is it pet? Tell me what you need~ In a quiet shy voice, not the voice of a woman that buried His cock deep in her throat, she says she wants to play. ~Play? What do you mean exactly by “play”?~ she looks at His naked body as He basks in her desires, speechless, she can not speak the words. He will not give in, He is always in control. ~tell me what you need little one, what is it that you crave?~ i want to ….her voice trails off. Silence fills the room, His stare hits her soul, in a voice neither one has ever heard she boldly says…i want to ride your cock Sir.

~Good girl, of course you may~

her body is not meeting her mind. her mind is filled with colors, her head light as air. she slides down His length and begins to rock. her hips are thrusting, her breasts are swelling, her breath is gone. she drops to His chest and begs to cum….so close, so needed, so out of control. her body giving its all. Suddenly His hands push her up by her tender breasts….

~sit up like the proud woman you are, and then you may cum, one more thing…don’t you dare stop fuck your way through my gift to you~

Tidal waves of pure pleasure, wanting to stop, pleasure turned to beautiful pain, she sees Him grinning up at her as another wave of painful delight rushes through her body. Squeezing down on His gift pushing deeper than ever before. His hands milking her breasts, toying with her taunt tits. He pumps into her harder and faster, pleased with His pet, He lets go as waves of passion collide.

she wakes on His chest, He is holding her tight. I am proud of my girl. Sweet dreams tonight.



Wake up call…

10 Sep


her restlessness has kept Him awake long enough. Hearing Him get out of bed,she smiles.Needy,wet,wanting Him. In her mind she has grinded her warmth against Him,moaned at His length pressing into her, and spread her legs just wide enough that He can not resist her. her heart races as He stands over her. “On your stomach pet..”, lifting her head as to question His demand she sees the look in His eyes. He is not playing. Craving His touch,His embrace,she throws her head into her pillow.
Soft leather glides against her flesh,chilling to her spine. Then He begins. Soft rhythmic flick of the wrist the flogging begins. Quickly she is silenced when questioning His choice of action. His finger plunges into her heated have nothing to argue,Your body is telling me everything. He picks up the pace and relishes in her body as she dances under His control. He senses her desire to release and stops.
Suddenly He has plunged His cock deeply into her,taking her to His ultimate release. One hand on her throat He thrusts deep,” Do not cum pet,this is for me”
She quivers beneath Him as He takes her.
Leaving her aching and begging for more, quietly He lies down.
       “It is not about what you want little girl”, grinning He holds her shivering body and kisses her good night. As she drifts off she hears Him say,           “it’s about what you need”…

His Mark.

21 Jun


my left cheek is purple
From the flesh between your teeth.

my nose is scraped and bruised
From the time You had me on my knees.

my arms and legs And my sensitive neck too
All with marks of purple
All were made by You.

The tears streamed down my face
You held me close
In such a tight embrace

You know this dance so well
You brought me to our space.

i am His baby girl.
His fragile little one.

He takes what is His.
It is all of me He owns.

He takes away my fears makes me feel my worth,

Then holds those very hands out wide..

As He protects me from this earth.

The Hunted…revised

17 Jun (2)

She is a lioness, fully capable of hurting or even killing him, and yet she prances, runs, struts, her tail high like a house cat, and he swoops in, grabs her by the neck, mounts her and fucks her like the wild beast he is, his teeth often bloodying her neck as he owns her.A Lion grabs his female by the neck with his teeth while he fucks her ruthlessly. Blood covers her fur as she cries out in an admixture of pain and orgasm. He OWNS HER, controls her as he takes what he wants. The neck is a very natural bit of D/s anatomy that just becomes a primal control/arousal point.

she is in her own peace. Relishing in their peaceful dance. Unknown to her she has an urgency. A need. Suddenly He becomes wrapped around her.He can wait no more. He presses His naked body into hers with force. He whispers “i got you baby girl

In total submission her body clings to His. His hand claiming her most feared spot. she trusts Him with the very breath she breathes….

His voice echoes in her ears. her world becomes a beautiful journey as she allows Him to take her to His deepest dark point of arousal.



28 May


she does not need His words. His look, the lead, she knows He needs her. she takes to her knees, and gasps at the sound..He places her collar around her neck, attaches the lead. she is in His hands. Together they ascend up the stairway of desire.lust.need.


24 May

impatienceHe has taught her discipline. Brought her pleasure through pain. He is demanding. His presence is absolute. her nipples grow hard against the fabric. her breath shallow. she watches the cars, watches the world go by. she knows. her body grows impatient. her silk turns to liquid satin. her back arches. her need grows. she is her own perfect storm. He is her calm. she breathes. she waits. He is where her true release is. The cool wind whispers on her sex. she squeezes. Anticipation floods her mind. she closes her eyes,and breathes. Soon He will feed her hunger. Quench her thirst. Relax her mind. Take her being to places unknown, He will claim her body,soul,and mind. she will serve Him. Meet His needs. His desires. she will beg to please Him. He is her existence. He is her focus. He guides her the entire way.