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Lovely morning…

1 Jun


her body rises with the sun. He wants her,now. The curtain half open she becomes kissed by the sun. she kneels without words,she has learned to read His desires. He kisses her flesh,caresses her curves. Stretches her arms,His fingers massage their way until they become entwined in hers. He begins to work. she focuses on breathing,He takes her very breath. He places the leather handle at the small of her back. The feel makes her moan. He smiles,slips a finger in her swollen sex. A lovely morning My pet.


30 Apr


He takes His time. He whispers good girl as His finger traces her swollen lips. He knows this is what she needs. she becomes breathless at the feel of the rope. The knots create a knot in her stomach. With each tug she becomes free. she begs for a slight release.  He says she is a greedy girl and continues.  she purrs in excitement, her knees buckle. He looks sternly into her eyes. You must stay still, or I will make arrangements to keep you still. He takes pride in her safety, He is her keeper. Her body becomes His. He guides her with the rope. she is bound. she is safe. she is free. she does not fear Him, she is at His will. He keeps her pleasures, releases her from harm. she looks into His eyes. He nods. Assuring her of the beauty of this trust. He tells her He is proud. she is on edge.

It is His right, He keeps her there.

Passion unites..their beginning.

26 Apr


He unites with her. she longs for His touch. Bound by ropes free by control. she is in erotic bliss. He takes her, opens her to Him. He ties her legs, her arm still bound. she yearns for Him. Begs for Him. she claims she can not take anymore. she needs His flesh. she arches and squirms, open to Him. Through her moans He whispers oh pet, i have waited so long. i am not finished playing with you. Slowly He claims her ass. she becomes lost once again. The humm of her wand sends her spiraling, the tides rush in the tides rush out. Sea of ecstasy. she shivers and shakes. her ass filled with her favorite glass plug. her wand humming on her clit. her Sir claiming her mouth. Finally the time is here, she can hardly speak. He thrusts His hardness deep inside and stops. Hours of play we dance this way. The thrusting continues all becomes blue. He is relentless. Overwhelmed by her body. she has become His. Together the dance of  erotic passion becomes a unity of souls, the two become one.


By her waking hour He sits there in awe of His pet. No words are spoken. No words are needed. An extended hand leads the way. she has found her place. They have found their rhythm.

Fear subsides.

26 Apr


He steps a little closer. He takes her sight. Give yourself over,let yourself fly. You have been given your wings in my hands you lie. she hears her own music, the songs that she loves. He caresses her ass, and runs soft velvet over her flesh. He is gentle to start explaining each move. she is lost in the thrill, the magic of it all. First one strike then two, in rhythm they fall. A cool ocean breeze,the sting of the sun,her body writhes in ecstasy. He talks of her body, and whispers good girl. He turns her around to start a new canvas of pink. Her face is so peaceful. Her body rocks with each stroke. He comments on her tits and watching them fill. He has begun the dance,  she rocks and sways and begs Him for more. He is aroused at her sight, her flesh so pink. Her clit erect and pulsating. Waves of excitement rush through her. she begs Him to cum, He insists on one more. He takes down her limbs and lets her begin. He gets on His knees, His tongue invading her slick swollen sex. she wants to caress Him and hold Him, her wrists are still bound. He takes her mouth giving her a taste of her desires. she is guided to her knees to pleasure her Sir. she finally can touch and feel His sweet gift. she is His. He does not let her explore long, leaves her craving more. she crawls to the bed drooling,dripping,throbbing. It is time for a break my pet. He begins to tie more knots.


26 Apr


He has the lead. He guides her up the stairs, her heart louder than her feet. He instructs her to crawl and look in the mirror. He admires her work, her place of solitude. her mirror. she looks into the mirror past her own reflection and just sees Him. He is real. He is tangible,although she may not touch. He looks intently in the mirror with her. He is on bended knee. It is ok, come with me, take me with you. Tears streaming down her face, she whispers yes Sir. He gets the rope and binds her wrists. Such patience. He is cautious, soothing,and strong and demanding. This is real. He makes the most beautiful of knots that bind her wrists but free her soul. He guides her to her feet. Arms over your head,she begins to fight the dark desire. He claims her with a long slow stroke across her slit. Careful pet, your body tells me this is what you want. He places His finger in her mouth and her arms raise with ease. I have waited a long time for this, do.not.move.

she waits.He admires her passion.