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Photo shoot…

23 Feb

Photo shoot….

Sunday bar

26 May


Today, you are dessert. You are my sweet tooth. Hot fudge slides down her sides, pools in her belly. A banana held in her hand, for her consumption later. The heat of the fudge makes her squirm. This is the beginning. You must hold that banana with the slightest grip. One indentation and the game is over, including your delightful treat in the end. One scoop of cold richly scented vanilla ice cream lands on top of the fudge. The heat and the cold making her salivate. Making her sex hungry. His lil sexpot opening up. Even hotter sticky sauce dribbled along, mixing pleasures. Binding them all together. He forces a finger in her mouth. she moans, the richness of the caramel, the scent of His skin, the taste of His flesh. her tongue circles, sucks, lost. He grins. she is interrupted with a large explosion of cream…whipped cream on all the layers of sensual delight. Just for fun He covers His masterpiece in sprinkles.

So many flavors. A creamy smoothness mixed with rich bold flavor as it slides down your throat. A taste to be treasured. The best sundae she never did see. her site taken by the softest silk blindfold. Igniting all of her other senses.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Showing off my ABC’s

8 May

An Award for excited!

Writingthebody has once again been too kind and granted me a fabulous award! As a good girl does, he asks to see my sexy ABC’s and i shall do so. Ultimately creating a hotlilmess i am sure. This one has almost no rules, except that
1. As usual you add the award image to your blog (just copy and paste guys)
2. ABC yourself in a word – i will try
3. Nominate however many blogs you wish and let the recipient know.

i will do as requested and write in true hotlilmess fashion, glitzing the gutter with my passion for the written word and asking you to join me in expressing your deepest darkest magical most wonderful thoughts as well….


A- anal slut (let’s get this started right)


C-candle wax




F-flesh…the fleshy part of a finger circling,tracing,taking ..flesh against flesh..touching flesh


G- g-spot..naturally.

H-hair…as in long pony tail for great hair pulling

I-ice ice baby…bring it


J-juicy always


K-call me kitten and i purrrrr…


M-masturbation without cumming…edging self, over and over.

N-naughty with a splash of nice

O-one is never enough oooooooooooooooooooooooooo




R-riding crop


T-tits…pull,slap,clamp,peg..make them explode


U-unbelievably horny..dayum!

V-vixen,perhaps some day.hotlilmess

W- wiggle…a wonderful thing to do, especially when in need of feeling rope…

X-eXcited about life

Y-yelling is so necessary sometimes

Z-zippers…the tantalizing way to manipulate a zipper…

This was fun. i think everyone who took the time to read this should post their luscious alphabet as well. If no one plays along i will follow the rules and nominate…

her flower.

15 Apr



Slowly, one at a time the petals of her fruit slip away. she feels them drop. In the beginning a whirlwind of petals were shed.  At times a gentle descent, the last grip floats away peacefully. she has flourished in the darkest of days, the brightest of nights. Each day she opens herself a little more, moistening the petals of desire a little longer,and closing each night. A sensual experience. An experience of joy, and sorrow. Hard times are time of growth.she realizes this. When the waters cloud, the mind becomes covered in smutt and endless dark desires, she perseveres. It is at this pivotal time of darkness she must not become stagnant. she takes time to examine her soul, be true to her self. her beauty is not lost in these dark desires as her craving to blossom is strong.

she continues her enlightenment.

~photographer- Sumit Mehndiratta, White Lotus in Night Pond~


9 Apr

peg heaven

Ignite the music within my soul…please Sir.


2 Apr


Awwe…you must not squirm. Not one bit. This blade i hold will graze your throbbing clit. you are so good, and always wet. i crave your trust, never forget.

The most breathtaking site of beauty,lust, passion, eroticism. At any moment she obeys, legs splayed for Him, pussy groomed to perfection. she holds her breath, from excitement. she tightens her muscles in anticipation. she becomes his porcelain doll. her excitement quiets. she watches every line on His face. Once again, He has taken her.


1 Apr

pegsA simple peg. Everyone has them. A bland household object turned seductive,powerful,intimidating, a clamp of control when placed in the right hands. A clamp of stimulating pain,sexual delight. A clamp to be worn under clothing,in disguise, only known to the chosen one whose pussy aches for more. An object to be used to outline voluptuous silhouettes.


Initial grips of pain released with warm sensations of numbness. Distracted by a racing heart, beads of anticipation chilling over aroused flesh. His knowledge of her body,frightening. His tongue brings each nipple to erection. Carefully each peg applied. Her breath she holds. Her trust she gives. her body He takes.