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Wet dreams..

21 May


The silk around my ankles…soft,yet hard with a powerful statement. Confined,yet free. The true paradox of submission at work. What i crave yet fear at the same time. The collar, so raw and sexy. Reinforcing my desires. Not a desire for sex, so much more. A desire to serve,be used for one’s pleasure. Not my own. To be taken. Bound to the bed,at someone else’s mercy. Trust. Trembling. My pussy dripped softening and slicking my forbidden hole. It’s been so long. Heat followed by chills. His cock teasing my entrance until my breaths become  shallow. Grinding back onto His cock,that pop. A neglected ass now full. Cumming instantly, a true anal slut. Bucking and moaning myself into a deep sleep. Hours later i awake to His cock buried in my ass. A wonderful way to wake.

her Master.

22 Apr


(follow up to His pet)

He sat in a chair. For what seemed like hours, possibly days she stayed there,a statue of impure thoughts. His Angel. His. Absent minded of the world around her, she waits. Droplets of excitement create a warm wake. her heart echoes. Deep down in her soul panic sets in. she knows Him, He has her. her body reacts, her mind explodes with emotion. He watches. she is unaware He never left. He watched her. she made Him proud. He saw her work through her fears. her fantasies.she cried. she tasted her salty tears. He watched her cleanse her soul. Wrestle the demons. He appeared. she instantly fell at His feet.

He is her Master, she is His pet.


21 Apr


she no longer hesitates. It is second nature. He no longer asks twice, He has her mind. He speaks to her soul. she feels the change. The longing to be His. she studies herself. He has given her inner strength. she is His vessel. His student. she crawls, walks, kneels, with grace and pride. she makes Him proud. He has freed her from darkness, introduced her to her light. she shines. she drips. her curves are chiseled. her breasts are full in His presence.  A slight droplet of arousal escapes her tender nipples and trickles down her heated flesh. her sex flows with desire. Aching. she has been given wings. she has blossomed. she is sensual.erotic.obedient. she flies. her wings are broad,filled with new colors every day.she explores this beauty. His beauty.

He has captured a girl and released a beautiful butterfly.x

*picture stumbled upon-butterfly face wwwpicformeenview*

Good Morning.

13 Apr


she rises with the sun. she takes her place. Mesmerized by herself. Taking it in. The lost soul that has emerged. The fullness of her breasts. The slight shade of purple covering her erect nipples. The tightness in her stomach. her quivering sex. her numb legs. her smile. her posture. her scent.

This was not a dream.

Friday Fau paus

12 Apr


It started as all mornings are supposed to. she was on her knees as He admired her and prepared her for the day. He awakens her body. He focuses her mind. He hears her heart. He claims her soul. In an instant He is gone.  As soon as the house silenced, she heard her own heart. she felt her breasts fill. she needed release. she slinks up the stairs like a bad little kitten. Her body belongs to Him. she is greedy. she is impatient. The toy box calls her. The humming of the wand soothes her aching clit. He has heightened her senses. The smell of the latex toys sends tidal waves of nectar coating her flesh. she can not fill her filthy holes fast enough. Every hole consumed with obscene objects, every ounce of her being begging for the monumental release. Five minutes. Breathe. Ten minutes. Breathe. Tears stream down her face. He has not offered a release. There is no release to be had. she cums for Him. Her body responds to Him. Now she is late to work.

Dark Angel

10 Apr


she is soft. she is subtle. she is thoughtful and full of thought. her pale flesh Angelic. she wants to take flight, make use of her wings. her darkest desires weigh heavy on her wings. her constant thoughts keep her on the ground. He knows she is an Angel. He will giver her flight. With every passing of the ice cold night, a warmer night is near. Exhausted from fear,she becomes grounded before her flight. So close to spreading her wings. she teeters on the edge. Dabbles her toe in the chilling waters. her soul warms. her wings spread. she smiles. she raises to her feet,embraces herself. Caught in her own dark desires. Fear of herself. Fear of releasing her guarded wings and taking flight. He watches in agony. Waits with patience. He has given her wings.

He will also give her flight.

*picture taken from FB page,Daddys Angel*

All in one.

5 Apr

the growth

All in one. The lines so easily divided,yet emerge as one. The bows. The thrills. The chills. The stockings of leather and frilly lace. The lil girl grin that flashes across her face. The ass begging to be filled. Spanked. The body so young, and old. The heart so genuine and pure, yet damage has been done. All in one. Sweet with a little bit of spice. Sassy with class. she is learning to be