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11 May


The constant tugging. The pegs. The clamps. The crop. The arousal. The edge. her body responds by His voice alone. He keeps her on edge all day. she is His, anytime,any place, any way He commands. His touch sends chills sharp enough her toes curl. her chest heavy. He takes her very breath. her eyes focused. her mind transformed. her body His. she reacts.

her fingers tremble. her legs become weak. her pussy lips swollen. her clit edible. He takes notice of her once small breasts.

Full and aching He watches her release.

He becomes intoxicated by her lust.

Showing off my ABC’s

8 May

An Award for excited!

Writingthebody has once again been too kind and granted me a fabulous award! As a good girl does, he asks to see my sexy ABC’s and i shall do so. Ultimately creating a hotlilmess i am sure. This one has almost no rules, except that
1. As usual you add the award image to your blog (just copy and paste guys)
2. ABC yourself in a word – i will try
3. Nominate however many blogs you wish and let the recipient know.

i will do as requested and write in true hotlilmess fashion, glitzing the gutter with my passion for the written word and asking you to join me in expressing your deepest darkest magical most wonderful thoughts as well….


A- anal slut (let’s get this started right)


C-candle wax




F-flesh…the fleshy part of a finger circling,tracing,taking ..flesh against flesh..touching flesh


G- g-spot..naturally.

H-hair…as in long pony tail for great hair pulling

I-ice ice baby…bring it


J-juicy always


K-call me kitten and i purrrrr…


M-masturbation without cumming…edging self, over and over.

N-naughty with a splash of nice

O-one is never enough oooooooooooooooooooooooooo




R-riding crop


T-tits…pull,slap,clamp,peg..make them explode


U-unbelievably horny..dayum!

V-vixen,perhaps some day.hotlilmess

W- wiggle…a wonderful thing to do, especially when in need of feeling rope…

X-eXcited about life

Y-yelling is so necessary sometimes

Z-zippers…the tantalizing way to manipulate a zipper…

This was fun. i think everyone who took the time to read this should post their luscious alphabet as well. If no one plays along i will follow the rules and nominate…


1 May


The corset as tight as trembling fingers can tie. The swollen breasts of a timid girl take on their womanly shape. In the beginning she was scolded for worthless tits. Now they are full and worthy. They swell. her nipples erect. The sound of the metal clamps echoe in her mind. Each one carefully placed. Engorged beauties take their form. Heightening all other sensations. her clit begins to dance in anticipation. her sex swells.her breaths short. He looks at her. He begins to pull. Hard. she gasps for air, becomes hot. The pressure intense. In her heated state she feels cool drops. This combination of pain and pleasure has caused her nipples to cool her body with rhythmic drops. she has completely surrendered her body. her mind is begging for more. her soul warms at the smile on His face, good girl.

The pressure intense. she begins to moan. she is filled with lust. He becomes intoxicated by her arousal. she licks her trembling lip in order to take off the edge. His cock throbs at her desire. Every nerve of hers on edge. He presses on her shoulders and she lowers to her knees. His finger firmly runs the length of her slit, grasps the chain and begins to pull. Before His finger reaches her mouth her quivering lips have parted. she cleans His finger with pride. her tongue circling His length, her mouth wrapping around Him. He smirks. Greedy girl.

Knowing she wants to devour His seed, He walks behind her. she hears the musical sound of His zipper. His fingers invade her slickness pounding in and out. Each time carefully coating her ass. One pull on the chain and her body releases. her body floats to Him. her tightest hole welcomes His gift. He takes her hard. He gives her permission, together they release.

  Worthless tits no more.