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Music in my soul…

30 Mar


Finally, a beautiful sunny day. Grab the    music and the sneakers, just hit play. Start slow, a little timid, a little shy. The music in my ears clears my head and mind. The pace picks up, the skin begins to warm. The body begins to tingle, breathing increases, heart races. Toes begin to curl,  I want to give in. Please just let me give in. The music gets louder, my body trembles. My thighs ache, there is a pulse between my legs. My tits begin to swell. The music continues to play. Sweating and breathless a familiar ache consumes my body. A warm drip begins to distract me. The music plays on. The drip becomes release as endorphins flood my soul. The run becomes steady, the breathing begins to slow. My body becomes light. No stopping now I know I’m not finished. The music plays on. The song is intense as is my pace. Everything heats up, once again my heart begins to race. Please just give in, I know I can’t hold on. A deep breath and sigh of release, I experience an amazing orgasm as my feet run along the street. My body is spent, my panties are soaked. I get to the driveway flushed and grinning beyond belief. The music in my ears was in my heart and my soul. I pressed “pet’s playlist ” and it took me exactly where I needed to go! 

Photo Shoot…That moment.

24 Feb

A hotlilmess and her suitcase of clothes for a photographer to capture. Awkward and shy, blushing at the thought of playing dress up. Everything shoved in the bag except for two neatly packaged items. The photographer sorts through,chooses the clothes to be worn. Let the fun begin.

The photographer was fabulous. She truly worked magic with the mess before her. Molding,posing,fluffing, attempting to bring this being to sensual and sexy. She worked and she worked. Little did we know,all she needed to do was keep me in my fourth and final piece.

We enter this old Victorian style room with big windows and a lovely velvet couch. She has me change behind a screen. Slowly and carefully i remove this little symbol of myself from the protective wrapping that it is kept in. The cold silk material wraps around my body and instantly i become warm. my nervousness turns into excitement. my skin heats up to a lovely rose color. As i walk out the photographer admires my corset and begins to lace it up. She speaks of my demeanor, i am all of a sudden calm and confident as opposed to shy and reserved. Each tug on the ribbon makes my body respond in an unexpected yet delightful way.

Do not move. Stand tall,shoulders down. Look straight ahead. The confines of the material,the sound of fingers diligently lacing each eyelet; the pulling,the tugging,the tightness. Pale chilled skin suddenly warm and glowing. A hint of moisture between my thighs. A silence that echoes the beating of my heart.

All of a sudden the silence is broken as i am directed towards the window. Absolutely lost in my own mind i was in a place that i cherish so deeply. A place i am comfortable,confident,and at peace.

The power of a corset.


Photo shoot…

23 Feb

Photo shoot….


Liebster Award..Thank you Sense and Submission

16 May

tumblr_m1x34cfyyq1r6wq0jo1_5001. Do you have a green thumb? ……Well here is the deal. I think I have a green thumb so I spend lots of time out in my flowers and garden. However, my pinwheels are by far longer lasting! Plus I am terrified of snakes,so often times I run screaming once one is spotted.

2Do you enjoy traveling? …not particularly. I like to be close to home, but I also ove the beach. Driving to the beach for a day is perfect for me!

3. Have you ever used nature as your restroom…all.the.time.

4. Any piercings or tattoos? All of the above

5. Are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist? The best is yet to come.

6. Do you like to explore?  Absolutely. I love to hike. In the summer I hike to one waterfall a week with my kids. We love camping. Exploring the sands of the beach is always a fun past time.

7. Would you rather be really hairy (think Chewbaca-like) or completely bald? Bald.

8. How do you like to please your partner the most?  kneeling and waiting for direction…pure tingles down my spine.

9. Any awkward or embarrassing moments..  Absolutely. Daily. I am a little quirky and awkward all together! Everything I do…I get caught. Use your imagination on that one…ugh.

10. What’s the longest time you’ve had sex? That I can not answer, however an all day “scene” should account for something right??

11. Name 5 things from your sexual bucket list

Hmmm…now this one i have not thought of in “bucket list” form. Of course i have wrote about this one, but from start to finish all five things exist…

i find a note and a dish. i am to kneel with the dish between my legs and wait patiently for His arrival. In the meantime, He will come in and decide if my desire for Him is enough for His time. When He approves He will provide me with a collar and i will do as He directs, kneel at His feet. He will take me to His likeing..bind me arms and legs..flog me until i beg for release. He will deny. i will beg. He will give me the gift of His cock and i will be able to take it all. i will pleasure Him. Completely. i will then have the task of making Him hard and ready for more. i will succeed. i will be spanked , flogged, fucked……on and on. i will fly and land softly in His arms.

12 Random facts about me, with questions listed after

1.i blush easily. Most of the time i write i am blushing at my own excitement.Is writing a sensual experience for you?

2.i find cumming on command much more satisfying than having my own orgasm…Can you cum on command??

 3.i am often sassy when i am feeling neglected, i enjoy correction. How would you correct a sassy mouth?

4.i enjoy starting projects, but often times i do not finish them. This saddens me,but i quickly find another project and forget i was ever sad..a true hotlilmess. Do you enjoy big projects??

5. Music feeds my soul. Often times i express myself through song when my words just will not come out. Can you describe your life with a song?

6. i am very shy, but i crave attention….Are you an introvert or extravert?

7.i am very fond of my toy box. my wand remains my favorite. What is in your toy box??

8. i love the sunshine. Summer is my favorite time of year. What is your favorite time of year?

9. i prefer to be outdoors. One of my favorite pictures is of the sun shining on my bare boob. Have you ever snuck in a naughty shot while outdoors??

10. i loathe shopping. Are you an internet or mall shopper?

11. i find coloring quiets a restless mind. What do you do to slow your mind down?

12. Talking about myself is very uncomfortable.  Did you fall asleep??

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog–by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.
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  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs you feel deserve this award, who have less than 1000 followers.
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  7. List these rules on your post. Once you have written published it, you then have to:
  8. Inform people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post so they can learn about it (they might not have heard of it!)

I guess #12 should be i do not follow rules very well!! Every time i have nominated people i always get told thank you, but i do not do awards. So, i ask anyone who enjoys awards to consider yourself nominated. Simply because if you made it through this entire thing, you are more than worthy of any award and then some!!! Thank you to all of my followers, readers,commenters, and friends that i have made along this journey. Thank you Cailin for the more than generous award. Please go check her blog out if you have not already.










Dancing in my dreams

24 Apr


The dreams dance on…

In the darkest of nights, He takes her,wakes her, He says you are mine.

In the brightest of days,the dream dances on…

she kneels,she begs,she just wants to belong.

In the car,in the home,at any given time,

The dream dances on.

Gently her toes come back to the ground,

she blushes and blinks,hoping no one is around.

For now she knows her dream stays in her head,and her toes on the ground.

Life. Dare to dream.

Wet Dreams

7 Feb


she is lying on her stomach, restless in the sheets. she squirms in all the directions hoping for the slightest wrinkle to glide across her protruding clit. Before she knows it, she is raised to her knees,exposing herself in the most vulnerable positions.  fingers trace her swollen lips and are now glistening in her excitement. she begins to rock taking great relief in the invasion. Moans and sounds of pure pleasure escape her pillow,”CUM”. The sweet release of excitement from head to toe consumes her body. Hips wild, holes gaping, greedy for more. she settles in assuming that was it, not ungreatful,still wanting more however! Suddenly the fingers invade her sex again. Rough and fast, she wants to explode.” Get up now, to the toy box, your orgasms are for me and I want to watch”

Half alert, completely focused she places the dildo on the toy box and waits for instruction. Blushing and slightly uncomfortable, completely trusting though. Go on, you need to lower yourself down onto the cock. Slowly she does as instructed. So eager to please and desperate to cum. “Faster, when you are restless and can not sleep this is what your body craves, my release”


The Time is Now. 2014

2 Jan


Life can be busy. Life can be sad. Life can be wonderful.

she can be busy. she can be sad. At times she can be wonderful.

she realizes what makes her truly happy and at peace.

she knows the time is NOW. she will commit .

The thought has her trembling thighs wet, her heart is racing

she has energy that can not be buried. Energy that will not get distracted.

The time is now.