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11 Jun

He tells of her of His plans. His whispers send chills.  Consume her mind. her sex swells. He directs her to His lap. This is what you need, His voice stern and low. His touch warms her flesh. Heats her soul. He begins.

lapspankingA perfect rhythmic tap. One side then the other. His firm hand at the small of her back. He stops, she moves.

                                                                                        “Oh baby girl,we are just beginning. Head down.”

His finger separates her swollen lips. she is soaked.

                                                                                       “That’s my girl”

He begins again. Harder. she gasps in surprise. He switches sides frequently. The sting becomes more intense. she thrusts her hips down,grinding on His hardness. Her urgency grows. Explaining to her that this is not for her,this is for Him. He kisses her softly and lifts her from His lap.

                                                                                  “Since you seem to have trouble keeping still, you will stand. Arms up.”


He begins His knots. Leaving her sex dripping, a slow tickle down her thigh. He spreads her legs to His liking. He admires her beauty. Compliments her. Adores her innocence. His tongue catches her sweet nectar before He walks away.

                                                                                                            “My hand hurts baby girl”

He returns with His crop. Guiding it smoothly along her thigh. Up one side, a quick slap to her pussy, and down the other thigh. her lip quivers as her eyes remain focused. He smiles.

                                                                                                          “Breathe. Be a big girl”

He begins. her thighs endure several quick cracks. A fire ignites. she tingles to her toes and her eyes become glazed. Craving His touch. He continues. Her breasts,her delicate neck, her quivering abdomen. her side. He is in perfect synch with her racing heart.  A tear begins to fall. He kisses her salty surrender. Slowly untying her,kissing each wrist delicately. Watching her. Sensing her completion.

aftercareHe scoops her into His lap. You made me proud pet. Beneath her stinging arse she feels His arousal. her eyes begin to close.


                                                                                                         “I’ve got you baby girl”


Lovely morning…

1 Jun


her body rises with the sun. He wants her,now. The curtain half open she becomes kissed by the sun. she kneels without words,she has learned to read His desires. He kisses her flesh,caresses her curves. Stretches her arms,His fingers massage their way until they become entwined in hers. He begins to work. she focuses on breathing,He takes her very breath. He places the leather handle at the small of her back. The feel makes her moan. He smiles,slips a finger in her swollen sex. A lovely morning My pet.


30 Apr


He takes His time. He whispers good girl as His finger traces her swollen lips. He knows this is what she needs. she becomes breathless at the feel of the rope. The knots create a knot in her stomach. With each tug she becomes free. she begs for a slight release.  He says she is a greedy girl and continues.  she purrs in excitement, her knees buckle. He looks sternly into her eyes. You must stay still, or I will make arrangements to keep you still. He takes pride in her safety, He is her keeper. Her body becomes His. He guides her with the rope. she is bound. she is safe. she is free. she does not fear Him, she is at His will. He keeps her pleasures, releases her from harm. she looks into His eyes. He nods. Assuring her of the beauty of this trust. He tells her He is proud. she is on edge.

It is His right, He keeps her there.