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Liebster Award..Thank you Sense and Submission

16 May

tumblr_m1x34cfyyq1r6wq0jo1_5001. Do you have a green thumb? ……Well here is the deal. I think I have a green thumb so I spend lots of time out in my flowers and garden. However, my pinwheels are by far longer lasting! Plus I am terrified of snakes,so often times I run screaming once one is spotted.

2Do you enjoy traveling? …not particularly. I like to be close to home, but I also ove the beach. Driving to the beach for a day is perfect for me!

3. Have you ever used nature as your restroom…all.the.time.

4. Any piercings or tattoos? All of the above

5. Are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist? The best is yet to come.

6. Do you like to explore?  Absolutely. I love to hike. In the summer I hike to one waterfall a week with my kids. We love camping. Exploring the sands of the beach is always a fun past time.

7. Would you rather be really hairy (think Chewbaca-like) or completely bald? Bald.

8. How do you like to please your partner the most?  kneeling and waiting for direction…pure tingles down my spine.

9. Any awkward or embarrassing moments..  Absolutely. Daily. I am a little quirky and awkward all together! Everything I do…I get caught. Use your imagination on that one…ugh.

10. What’s the longest time you’ve had sex? That I can not answer, however an all day “scene” should account for something right??

11. Name 5 things from your sexual bucket list

Hmmm…now this one i have not thought of in “bucket list” form. Of course i have wrote about this one, but from start to finish all five things exist…

i find a note and a dish. i am to kneel with the dish between my legs and wait patiently for His arrival. In the meantime, He will come in and decide if my desire for Him is enough for His time. When He approves He will provide me with a collar and i will do as He directs, kneel at His feet. He will take me to His likeing..bind me arms and legs..flog me until i beg for release. He will deny. i will beg. He will give me the gift of His cock and i will be able to take it all. i will pleasure Him. Completely. i will then have the task of making Him hard and ready for more. i will succeed. i will be spanked , flogged, fucked……on and on. i will fly and land softly in His arms.

12 Random facts about me, with questions listed after

1.i blush easily. Most of the time i write i am blushing at my own excitement.Is writing a sensual experience for you?

2.i find cumming on command much more satisfying than having my own orgasm…Can you cum on command??

 3.i am often sassy when i am feeling neglected, i enjoy correction. How would you correct a sassy mouth?

4.i enjoy starting projects, but often times i do not finish them. This saddens me,but i quickly find another project and forget i was ever sad..a true hotlilmess. Do you enjoy big projects??

5. Music feeds my soul. Often times i express myself through song when my words just will not come out. Can you describe your life with a song?

6. i am very shy, but i crave attention….Are you an introvert or extravert?

7.i am very fond of my toy box. my wand remains my favorite. What is in your toy box??

8. i love the sunshine. Summer is my favorite time of year. What is your favorite time of year?

9. i prefer to be outdoors. One of my favorite pictures is of the sun shining on my bare boob. Have you ever snuck in a naughty shot while outdoors??

10. i loathe shopping. Are you an internet or mall shopper?

11. i find coloring quiets a restless mind. What do you do to slow your mind down?

12. Talking about myself is very uncomfortable.  Did you fall asleep??

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog–by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.
  3. Answer 11 questions about yourself which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs you feel deserve this award, who have less than 1000 followers.
  6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
  7. List these rules on your post. Once you have written published it, you then have to:
  8. Inform people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post so they can learn about it (they might not have heard of it!)

I guess #12 should be i do not follow rules very well!! Every time i have nominated people i always get told thank you, but i do not do awards. So, i ask anyone who enjoys awards to consider yourself nominated. Simply because if you made it through this entire thing, you are more than worthy of any award and then some!!! Thank you to all of my followers, readers,commenters, and friends that i have made along this journey. Thank you Cailin for the more than generous award. Please go check her blog out if you have not already.










The Senses. (jumbled thoughts)

29 Apr



You take my senses one by one.

You take my sight, all I see is darkness. This is not a scary darkness though. A darkness that welcomes me, the music of the night, the dance begins.

My sense of smell. Oh goodness the sense of smell. At any given moment You have me smelling the sexual aroma of my desire to serve. Toys. Yes toys. Not only do i feel full, and know my place when in public with theses toys (if people only knew),i also have this unbelievable sweet smell that makes me wild.

You take my voice…almost. As i always have 3 options. Yes Sir. No Sir. Safe word.

You calm my jitters. Bind my hands, control my movements.

It is when You are absent that i realize my senses are unusually heightened and unbearable to settle.

Perhaps i am starting to understand what makes the “good girl” tick.

So here i sit, my senses and me.

Reflecting on all that You have given to me.

my skin warms my soul.

my mouth becomes wet.

my breasts they fill and begin to ache.

my sex has become slick, wet with desire.

my body responds to all that You do.

Here i sit, my senses a direct reflection of my need to serve You.

Wet Dreams

7 Feb


she is lying on her stomach, restless in the sheets. she squirms in all the directions hoping for the slightest wrinkle to glide across her protruding clit. Before she knows it, she is raised to her knees,exposing herself in the most vulnerable positions.  fingers trace her swollen lips and are now glistening in her excitement. she begins to rock taking great relief in the invasion. Moans and sounds of pure pleasure escape her pillow,”CUM”. The sweet release of excitement from head to toe consumes her body. Hips wild, holes gaping, greedy for more. she settles in assuming that was it, not ungreatful,still wanting more however! Suddenly the fingers invade her sex again. Rough and fast, she wants to explode.” Get up now, to the toy box, your orgasms are for me and I want to watch”

Half alert, completely focused she places the dildo on the toy box and waits for instruction. Blushing and slightly uncomfortable, completely trusting though. Go on, you need to lower yourself down onto the cock. Slowly she does as instructed. So eager to please and desperate to cum. “Faster, when you are restless and can not sleep this is what your body craves, my release”



2 Jan


The year is beginning. He has told her what to wear. her skin tingles to her bones. It has been some time. He greets her in the bathroom to check on her progress. He refers to her as stunning. her face reddened with desire and embarrassment as He turns her body to His view. Carefully He completes the laces tightening each one. His breath upon her neck brings tears to her eyes. He is making her whole again. He makes her feel loved. Cherished. her pale skin reflecting in the mirror catches her eye. He stops. Walks away.

In their room He has placed a mirror against the bed. He comes for her and orders her to kneel in front of the mirror. Silence fills the room. she is unsure of herself and her body. He gets behind her. Feeling His length against her she bites her lip. He runs His fingers through her long hair the pulls her tight against Him. Who do You belong to, He whispers. His deep yet quiet voice inspects her body as He repeats the question….

These breasts, these hips, this ass, that smile…..

He grazes her delicate folds between her legs. Awwe, pet…

It seems you have figured it out.

He traces her mouth with His finger,

Welcome Back, Happy New Year.

That moment.

14 Oct


That moment…her heart begins to play the song. He takes her site,her ability to worry about who may be around.He is her priority.His hands  lock her collar in place,instantly freeing her soul. she takes on another form of beauty. she begins to feel rather than think. her skin warms. her breath changes,small waves of pure pleasure wash over her.she begins to heat up to that magical boiling point. The recipe for her is in the making.she bites her lower lip and lets out a sigh of relief and much desired anticipation. her body beginning to boil over,her scent intoxicating. her trembling thighs catch sweet nectar of excitement from her dripping sex. her own arms send a chill across her breasts. her nipples erect. her mind numb, awaiting for His next move. her mouth silent. her body screaming with desire.

                                                              That moment.


11 Oct


The sun shines through. Warms her soul. Although her mind is racing. her world is dark. she wants.she can not have. she is aching. That magical ache of lust. she is temperamental. she is needy. her scent cascades as her need trickles. her breasts are full and tender. she is a mixture of untamed emotions. she takes to her knees. she now sees the sun shine through. He has given her strength today. He has brought her focus. He has given her purpose. Today.


20 Sep


she took to her knees

she was given it all

not an easy task for her

she choked and she gagged

making a mess

~look into my eyes pet, think a little less~

she started to relax after hours it seemed

He pulled on her pony tail and ran His finger across her cheek

take it once more, all the way this time my sweet.


she worked for Him. she pleased Him. To her, He is everything. her body is spent. Tears streaming down her flushed skin. her sex is on fire, an excitement that makes her quiver. He quietly gives her a drink and admires her beauty. she looks at Him with a grin and He gives her the look. ~What is it pet? Tell me what you need~ In a quiet shy voice, not the voice of a woman that buried His cock deep in her throat, she says she wants to play. ~Play? What do you mean exactly by “play”?~ she looks at His naked body as He basks in her desires, speechless, she can not speak the words. He will not give in, He is always in control. ~tell me what you need little one, what is it that you crave?~ i want to ….her voice trails off. Silence fills the room, His stare hits her soul, in a voice neither one has ever heard she boldly says…i want to ride your cock Sir.

~Good girl, of course you may~

her body is not meeting her mind. her mind is filled with colors, her head light as air. she slides down His length and begins to rock. her hips are thrusting, her breasts are swelling, her breath is gone. she drops to His chest and begs to cum….so close, so needed, so out of control. her body giving its all. Suddenly His hands push her up by her tender breasts….

~sit up like the proud woman you are, and then you may cum, one more thing…don’t you dare stop fuck your way through my gift to you~

Tidal waves of pure pleasure, wanting to stop, pleasure turned to beautiful pain, she sees Him grinning up at her as another wave of painful delight rushes through her body. Squeezing down on His gift pushing deeper than ever before. His hands milking her breasts, toying with her taunt tits. He pumps into her harder and faster, pleased with His pet, He lets go as waves of passion collide.

she wakes on His chest, He is holding her tight. I am proud of my girl. Sweet dreams tonight.