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Free Riding….an award

17 Sep


A wonderful compliment from my dear kindred spirit writingthebody, here is HIS description word for word and italicized just for clarity…”the free rider award, those who spirits are free yet burned on each side, of those who know the sorrowing worlds, who feel even so the gentle breeze behind, and yet are touched by the strange experience of living as a sentient being on a lush and yet brutal planet….” Thank you as always for thinking of me my dear writingthebody. Oh yes, i am quite aware of his name,John. However, being the free rider that i am,as writingthebody so kindly awarded me with, i am choosing to continue to call him by his wonderful exquisite yet twisted blogging name writingthebody.

Now a very simple explanation to this picture. He is a lionfish named Zed. i know this because every lionfish i have owned (3 or 4) has been named Zed. Now for  the paradox..

i have developed a strong liking for lions and the way they behave in recent years. i am fascinated at the way in which they dominate their lioness. The true power the lioness actually has. The entire dance that they exhibit is truly amazing in my opinion. So, i find it unique that i am lucky enough to be involved in the free rider award in which Zed has a keen role in. i have had a lionfish named Zed long before blogs even existed, and now i have developed a great respect for the all dominating and powerful Lion!

So, this would certainly lead one to believe that in all the chaos of existing i can bring the free rider award full circle to sum up the last 20 years of my life!

Okay not really, perhaps a slight exaggeration.   i love rambling and being a free rider…

As for nominees...YOU who just completed reading this. Go for it,visit writingthebody read about Zed and all the Free and not so free Riders of the world.

Stay free and tied up, or busy tying…however you feel Free!!!!! hotlilmess

Questions i was asked to answer…

21 May



Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

OK, so, my blogging love nominated me for an award for my kindness to him. Really? Go visit him and you will see for yourself it is not difficult to be kind to him. He writes on all sorts of things in a way in only he can do. He always comments on my writings and is quick to have a blog convo with me when i just can not shut up. He has asked me these questions and i have answered quickly and honestly, as i could not find them before!

1. Sex or chocolate?

sexpotsundae……any questions? Two great tastes that go great together!
2. Sex or a spanking?

spanking, it is certainly going to lead to sex, right??
3. Sex or music (and I mean one or the other)?

music, and i love it when you get bossy! Just know a few tracks require pegs….

4. how many people’s feet have you kissed in your life?

one, and my own.
5. How many people have spat on you, including childhood

none. FACT.
6. What is an irrational thing you really want to do?

what is a rational thing that i do?? smiling. Irrational…go on a “training retreat”. (that answer is landing me a red ass btw)
7. Would you let me whip you with my belt?

of course, with permission. x

8. Would you whip me with my belt?

If  you wanted. if i was under direction and supervision. i would hate it though.

9. Do you think sex work is wrong?

i do not have any right to judge anybody, therefor no i do not.
10. Do you think I should pay someone to whip me?

If it makes you happy, AND the person knows what they are doing then i do not see a problem with it. Unless i guess it became like a gambling addiction and you requested help to not pay for whippings..come here…i won’t charge, or whip to your satisfaction i am sure!!


OK…i will edit this in a bit with the nominations i have. However, i could not keep writingthebody waiting one minute longer!!! x


Showing off my ABC’s

8 May

An Award for excited!

Writingthebody has once again been too kind and granted me a fabulous award! As a good girl does, he asks to see my sexy ABC’s and i shall do so. Ultimately creating a hotlilmess i am sure. This one has almost no rules, except that
1. As usual you add the award image to your blog (just copy and paste guys)
2. ABC yourself in a word – i will try
3. Nominate however many blogs you wish and let the recipient know.

i will do as requested and write in true hotlilmess fashion, glitzing the gutter with my passion for the written word and asking you to join me in expressing your deepest darkest magical most wonderful thoughts as well….


A- anal slut (let’s get this started right)


C-candle wax




F-flesh…the fleshy part of a finger circling,tracing,taking ..flesh against flesh..touching flesh


G- g-spot..naturally.

H-hair…as in long pony tail for great hair pulling

I-ice ice baby…bring it


J-juicy always


K-call me kitten and i purrrrr…


M-masturbation without cumming…edging self, over and over.

N-naughty with a splash of nice

O-one is never enough oooooooooooooooooooooooooo




R-riding crop


T-tits…pull,slap,clamp,peg..make them explode


U-unbelievably horny..dayum!

V-vixen,perhaps some day.hotlilmess

W- wiggle…a wonderful thing to do, especially when in need of feeling rope…

X-eXcited about life

Y-yelling is so necessary sometimes

Z-zippers…the tantalizing way to manipulate a zipper…

This was fun. i think everyone who took the time to read this should post their luscious alphabet as well. If no one plays along i will follow the rules and nominate…

Award Responses..kitten on the catwalk

8 May





That is the sexy bloggers award. It is doled out to bloggers that other sexy bloggers find sexy. BILF, bloggers I’d like to fuck, as it were.

Sinfully delicious to my senses to be included in such company. Thank you to the Master of sinful writing that is guaranteed to make one click a few extra times, stroke the keys a little faster and harder, and leave more than your mouth watering. Please go experience it if you have yet to do so…


Now the rules portion of this sexy award post.


1. Thank the blogger that awarded you and if you like, post this most cool award in your post.
i am certain i did this in all the wrong places, so thank you a million times over!


2. Post 5 sexy suggestions for other bloggers to do, try, or think about.
– Write a delicious piece while pegged,plugged, humming along take us on your journey
– organize an orgasmic flash mob
– Eat seductively. Really pay attention to how you lick ice cream.
– Steam up the car windows..however you see fit.
– Edge.Edge.Edge. Feel that ache. Feel that heat. Resist the urge. Edge.


3. Post a link to your sexiest blog post and why you think it is your sexiest blog.…a sexual sensual delight in my opinion,…the beauty of true submission this one does “it” for me.



4. Nominate 5 other sexy bloggers and Let your nominees know they’re sexy.

Bloggers…you are all damn sexy. i am inspired by all the creative juices that flow from your blog to mine, and from my blog to yours. i randomly picked my latest all are delicious to me!

1.…a mask is always sexy

2.…beautifully sexy writings on denial

3. yourself

4. truly passionate soul.

5. blog i need to

Pontificating Pure.

8 Apr


Awwe, the chilling power of expression. Raw. Open. Beautiful. Every breath uttered amazes her. The time spent recognizing art, unfathomable.her fingers tremble every day when she reaches the end, the time arrives for the release, she presses the button. Hard. Hours later she returns.  The fact someone finds her work worthy of the Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award takes her breath away! This honor bestowed on me is thanks to

There has never been such a fabulous love of the ins and outs, ups and downs, and every other combination never even imagined until you have sunk yourself deep into the art of sexual delight by clicking.licking. (oops,liking).following. Here it is again. Once more,

So, back to the award..Fabulous Gutter. Hmmm, licking lips. Dirty? Trashy? Look closer my fellow bloggers,readers,followers. Neatly tended to daily. Well disciplined in the balancing act of lust. Not letting go too soon, trying never to spill “it”. Chilling at times. Inspiring for more. Unstoppable. Admiration of true art. That is all i do. i admire all of you, read all you write, learn, and become inspired for more deliciousness every day. So, i am dripping with excitement to join such a wonderful group and acknowledging such an award. i just bedazzled the Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award. Now for the dirt on me. A list of 6 questions to be answered.Here are the questions for future reference to anyone else who may join this creative,dirty, but oh so fun way of expression.

1) What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

2) What do you now know about sex that you wish you’d have known earlier in life?

3) Is there any gutter fantasy you’d like to try?(tell us what it is)

4)What’s the funniest bedroom situation you’ve ever been in?

5) Has gutter blogging taught you anything?

6) What is your favorite post from the person who nominated you?

Since i am indeed a hotlimess, i am answering from the back first. *grins* My favorite post is indeed without a doubt Three Minutes., go read it and return. You will already be excited and your creative juices will be flowing like mad so the rest of this will seem interresting, as you are already engrossed in your own doings and reading to seem, well, like you are busy! Gutter blogging has taught me that hey, there are lots of sexually heightened people in this world, and those of us that are expressive have multiple orgasms daily just from reading what our like minded gutter neighbors are partaking in,dreaming about, or recovering from. Funny? Well to everyone else i am sure. My obsession with anal play is no secret. An anal plug flying across the room in the height of an orgasm is definitely an indication that a heavier larger plug needs to be put on the daily shopping list.  Hmm, my fantasy. It is simple. A collar. A lead. A day of being owned in the rawest of ways. Tie me to the desk. Feed me. Take me away from the world just for a day. No interruptions. Over and over again. i wish i knew about orgasm control long ago-DAMN! Kinkiest thing i have done? Well, in the throws of masturbation i think all 3 holes were filled and the wand was placed just in the right place. Need i go on? i used masturbation well, because that in itself is fairly kinky! Anytime one person can be so divinely selfish and derrive so much pleasure from a solo event,that is kinky.  *smiling

Now for the people that i wish to nominate. All of you reading. You are all too kind to get to this part of my writing and all deserve an award. i expect nothing from you, just know your writing is HOT! Thank you. Of course, feel free to keep this going, using the above questions or simply creating your own. ❤ ~hotlilmess

1. A Sexual Being. –The explicit details in her writing is juicy all over!!

2. me on to Champagne with a poem, WOW.

3. spanks,gives licks,and rocks!

4. single poem takes my breath away.

5. A Masters Slave. She is the most eloquent person, in her writings and her comments. i need her discipline.

6. Arina. She is brilliant. Period.

Award Responses…

31 Mar

GirlDockDear writingthebody,

Thank you kindly for this tag. i chose this picture well, because i love it. Perfectly relaxing. A look into my passions.

*the original post by writingthebody as well as the questions are located under Tagged Again in my Recent Posts *

1. Your time of greatest sorrow – describe
2. Your time of greatest pride – describe

1. & 2. My time of greatest sorrow. Well, my dad passed away and being an only child it was all me. My heart was filled with sorrow for days,weeks, to this day. However, it is also my biggest accomplishment. My dad taught me how to ski. He had little passion in life, as he lost everything when he had millions. He became a distant soul. Except for on Sundays. We went skiing every Sunday. We laughed, cried, he told me the same thing every Sunday riding on the chair lift. “Boo, always remember this lift. When I die, bring me here, walk up and scatter me along the way” …and so i did. I will never forget the look the man at the place (funeral place) gave me when i said, just put him in a bag. i am carrying up Loveland Mountain. Priceless. As i left the place, this song played. It was perfect.. At the same time, being able to carry out my best friend’s wish was my best accomplishment, the hardest thing i have ever had to do. Bittersweet.

3. Your greatest pleasure – describe

 My greatest pleasure is seeing awwe,shock,surprise,smiles, and success across my children’s faces. Life is much harder for kids than it should be.

4. What is better than sex?

 The ultimate true, uninhibited, over the top, lost in space, whimsical orgasm is better than sex. *grins

5. Do you believe in God? And if so, describe it. Say why you believe.

 I believe that God has chosen those to follow him, i am not a chosen one at this time in my life. Please do not relate that to lack of faith.

6. What is the best thing abouta God you do not believe in….or its followers and faith

Everyone deserves to have some power to get them through the day. For me, The Tao of Pooh . My Bible. It keeps me grounded.

7. Would you let a random person have sex with you?

A random person have sex with me…hmmm, way tooooooooooooooo shy. If it was part of a scene, and Sir was with me…yes. (sensing trouble cumming my way.*squirms)

8. Do you prefer sex with your own gender, the opposite gender or transgender? If you are transgendered,choose whichever gender you like as your opposite.

Sex with the confident man is my preference. Although admittedly, i do a pretty good job with my surrogate cock and my wand. The female body fascinates me,turns me on, enlightens me, excites me. The thought of a womans touch outlining,caressing, and appreciating my curves gets me excited.  So, perhaps some day a Domme will come my way..*shakes*

9. WOuld you whip someone you loved if that person asked you to do it?
10. Would you prefer to be publicly whipped for something you did wrong to being imprisoned for half the number of lashes in days (eg 100 lashes = 50 days).

 If i was told to whip someone who desired it i would try my best and hope i got whipped in the end!! Whip me, whip it good. Get it over with. *bends over*

11. When you were humiliated, how did you deal with it emotionally?

11. I LOATHE HUMILIATION. FACT. Disappointing someone terrifies me. i hate to be made to feel stupid. i am a strong confident woman in certain aspects of my life. However, i am also a delicate soul that crumbles easily. Often times i just do not understand why people are so terribly unkind, and how it makes anyone feel good to humiliate another.  That being said, i do have a strong desire for a collar and lead. While others consider that humilation, i find it HOT! Yes, my name is fitting. Simply put, hotlilmess. i love my blankie and my unicorn “kiss” whenever i need to emotionally escape the humiliation and disappointment that life sometimes brings.

So, there you have it. A look into me. Not a very brave soul, it has taken thought to produce answers to such fascinating questions to a girl who is less than fascinating. Honored that even one soul takes an interest in my life. i love to escape into my writings, and most of all learn from those who are far more talented than me. Thank you writingthebody.