Inspirational Blogger…from Steelmaster

i am deeply touched that Steelmaster nominated me for this award. Also, deeply embarrassed for my tardiness in responding. He is an amazing writer and to be considered an inspiration by him is a true honour. Please go visit his work if you have not done so already… Part of accepting this honour is to share 7  random facts about yourself. i am a very random person, so this should not be very difficult…

1.i love love love popsicles. Often i get up in the middle of the night just to quench my thirst.

2.i never sleep without my monkey blanket…EVER.

3.i write better than i speak. the screen is my mask.

4.The power of meditation fascinates me.

5.i love the beach. The ocean terrifies me.

6.bowi love to wear bows.

7.masterEvery day i crave more and more of Him.

WOW. That was difficult. i often do not choose other people,because simply i adore all who read and all who share their writings. i also find that many people no longer do the awards so i just say thank you to everyone, you all inspire me. i will edit with 7 people to keep this going if needed…

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