31 Mar


Thoughts race in and out, the mind playing tricks on me, when will the time be? When you close your eyes do you think of the uses that await me? The pleasure of pleasing, the purpose and meaning. My body responds to kisses and commands, being on my knees, the tying of my hands. Looking in the mirror, I like the changes in me. My eyes they sparkle with passion and trust, my body it swells with wetness and lust. Not a lust for me, that is a pleasure of the past. A lust to please you, and cum on command. A lust so intense and deep, I beg for your demands. All these thoughts consume my mind, I can’t help but be impatient for another time.


Awe, impatience , that brings me to this. The little girl that’s emerged and no longer hides. That wiggles and giggles and holds her blanket tight. The one with sass, a very fine line. Will I ever learn my lesson?? Not without those swats on my behind! Snuggles and cuddles, those things are great, sitting at your feet, how long must I wait? Awe, impatience…perhaps it is a gift.


All these thoughts wrapped up in one. For this hotlilmess it seems that spring has sprung! 

One Response to “Begging…..perhaps?”

  1. brattopia March 31, 2015 at 11:19 am #

    That time of year, for sure. It’s so in the air!

    xx bratt

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