1 Apr

Oh my heavens…He outdid himself! Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you for answering and adding!!!


I was tagged for my courage and good writing by a new friend, hotlilmess

Her blog is lovely and helps me float away from daily stress as I get lost in her words.

I answered 11 questions, and have provided 11 more.

By the rules I have read, I only need to tag 1 person for this, and I always tag Becki’s Book Blog.  She is my blogging mentor and has done more for my writing than anyone who hasn’t written it.  I still wonder why she helps me so much, she is tireless in my stupidity.

1. Your time of greatest sorrow – In the early days of December, 1995, my first wife and I were still expecting our first baby in a few months.  But in that first week of the 12th month, she started having some problems.  No more movements, and she felt off.  She…

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