Award Responses…

31 Mar

GirlDockDear writingthebody,

Thank you kindly for this tag. i chose this picture well, because i love it. Perfectly relaxing. A look into my passions.

*the original post by writingthebody as well as the questions are located under Tagged Again in my Recent Posts *

1. Your time of greatest sorrow – describe
2. Your time of greatest pride – describe

1. & 2. My time of greatest sorrow. Well, my dad passed away and being an only child it was all me. My heart was filled with sorrow for days,weeks, to this day. However, it is also my biggest accomplishment. My dad taught me how to ski. He had little passion in life, as he lost everything when he had millions. He became a distant soul. Except for on Sundays. We went skiing every Sunday. We laughed, cried, he told me the same thing every Sunday riding on the chair lift. “Boo, always remember this lift. When I die, bring me here, walk up and scatter me along the way” …and so i did. I will never forget the look the man at the place (funeral place) gave me when i said, just put him in a bag. i am carrying up Loveland Mountain. Priceless. As i left the place, this song played. It was perfect.. At the same time, being able to carry out my best friend’s wish was my best accomplishment, the hardest thing i have ever had to do. Bittersweet.

3. Your greatest pleasure – describe

 My greatest pleasure is seeing awwe,shock,surprise,smiles, and success across my children’s faces. Life is much harder for kids than it should be.

4. What is better than sex?

 The ultimate true, uninhibited, over the top, lost in space, whimsical orgasm is better than sex. *grins

5. Do you believe in God? And if so, describe it. Say why you believe.

 I believe that God has chosen those to follow him, i am not a chosen one at this time in my life. Please do not relate that to lack of faith.

6. What is the best thing abouta God you do not believe in….or its followers and faith

Everyone deserves to have some power to get them through the day. For me, The Tao of Pooh . My Bible. It keeps me grounded.

7. Would you let a random person have sex with you?

A random person have sex with me…hmmm, way tooooooooooooooo shy. If it was part of a scene, and Sir was with me…yes. (sensing trouble cumming my way.*squirms)

8. Do you prefer sex with your own gender, the opposite gender or transgender? If you are transgendered,choose whichever gender you like as your opposite.

Sex with the confident man is my preference. Although admittedly, i do a pretty good job with my surrogate cock and my wand. The female body fascinates me,turns me on, enlightens me, excites me. The thought of a womans touch outlining,caressing, and appreciating my curves gets me excited.  So, perhaps some day a Domme will come my way..*shakes*

9. WOuld you whip someone you loved if that person asked you to do it?
10. Would you prefer to be publicly whipped for something you did wrong to being imprisoned for half the number of lashes in days (eg 100 lashes = 50 days).

 If i was told to whip someone who desired it i would try my best and hope i got whipped in the end!! Whip me, whip it good. Get it over with. *bends over*

11. When you were humiliated, how did you deal with it emotionally?

11. I LOATHE HUMILIATION. FACT. Disappointing someone terrifies me. i hate to be made to feel stupid. i am a strong confident woman in certain aspects of my life. However, i am also a delicate soul that crumbles easily. Often times i just do not understand why people are so terribly unkind, and how it makes anyone feel good to humiliate another.  That being said, i do have a strong desire for a collar and lead. While others consider that humilation, i find it HOT! Yes, my name is fitting. Simply put, hotlilmess. i love my blankie and my unicorn “kiss” whenever i need to emotionally escape the humiliation and disappointment that life sometimes brings.

So, there you have it. A look into me. Not a very brave soul, it has taken thought to produce answers to such fascinating questions to a girl who is less than fascinating. Honored that even one soul takes an interest in my life. i love to escape into my writings, and most of all learn from those who are far more talented than me. Thank you writingthebody.

4 Responses to “Award Responses…”

  1. grizyeti March 31, 2013 at 6:19 pm #

    I enjoyed your answers, especially the story of the ski lift. What a touching way to put something to rest.

    I also liked your comments at the end, so humble when you are so very good at touching people through your writing and comments.

    Congrats on your award

    • hotlilmess April 1, 2013 at 8:46 am #

      Thank you thank you. i just write from my heart, glad you enjoy.

  2. writingthebody March 31, 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    Yes, the answers show what a lovely person you are…thank you!

  3. hotlilmess April 1, 2013 at 8:45 am #

    Awwe Thank you! Thanks for giving me the opportunityThank you for reading,commenting, and especially writing!!!

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