The Dance

24 Feb

The Music of the the danceshe waits. she knows the time is near. He has left His commands for her to read. she plays it over and over in her head. How will He react? Will He like what sees? Thoughts of fear flood her mind, excitement takes over her body. her legs weak, her heart races, a tear trickles down her cheek. Failure is a fear, a true fear of hers. All of a sudden her mind is clouded with thoughts of failing, not being good enough. her stomach grows tight, her chest heavy. she thinks back to all she has learned, how she has grown. A wave of warmth consumes her. A soft smile across her face, she knows it is His job to get her to the dance floor. Once she is there, she becomes His. He will not let her fail. His eyes guide her, His commands soothe her. He has her, He will take her. This dance, a dance of beauty, ultimate release of self. Unpredictable,  exhausting at times, fulfilling always.

~this picture found, no infringement intended

2 Responses to “The Dance”

  1. littlekaninchen February 25, 2013 at 7:59 am #

    This is my story. Every time I ready for our time, this is the way I feel. My Sir will not let me fall. If I do he catches me, stands me back up… And continues making my ass pink and my smile grow… Lol! Great post!

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