submission, work in progress

20 Feb

The most unique part of the journey into submission is the constant learning and discovering that occurs. For me, submission has always been there, like many, it is the process of bringing her to life that takes the work. Letting go, putting fear aside, trusting another to guide you, protect you, send you on an experience that leaves me at a loss for words. i am very fortunate to have found the right person to force me to dig deep, force me to let go, and teach me what truly makes me happy. For all the skeptics, yes, i did this on line. my on line training was a success, brought me to real time, and is still a success. He gets my attention whenever He appears on line as i am His toy to be used for His pleasure. i know my place, He has instilled this responsibility in my mind. His virtual presence makes my heart race and instantly i become His. He discovered this buried treasure within and i can  not share with you enough what a life changing experience He continues to provide. Occasionally He will visit my blog and welcomes any and all comments and questions. He is an excellent SAFE resource, i encourage anyone interested in Dom/sub, RT, or on line to leave me a comment to get in touch with Him.

my husband of 11 years,best friend for 20 years welcomes this lifestyle with a firm hand and tight control as well. My RT Sir is forever learning about hislilmess and encourages my progress on this journey. He understands the beauty of a woman who truly has it in her soul to submit, as well as the process.  He also sees the whole me, the mom, the nurse, the woman, the submissive at heart. He has managed to embrace the little girl in me and allow her to grow as well. He truly is a pillar, as He recognizes the best way for me to serve is to unleash my passions, discover new desires, and search my soul to truly be at peace with my submissive self through guidance and direction from the man who discovered the beauty within.

i have never felt as whole as i do today. i am able to manage myself through honesty, dignity, and communication. Allowing me to truly reach beauty in submission, have a purpose, and continue my journey.  A toy for good use,to provide pleasure, be played with and explored when called upon; a pet that thrives on love and attention for making Him happy and proud at His command. A woman, learning an art,a most precious way of life.

~When He tells me to present myself, the thrill that runs through me is more than just passion…there is a more deep seeded rush that overcomes me, makes me almost lightheaded…giddy and of course my body responds~


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