lil girl, big bow *grins*

20 Feb

bowA title about exploring my little side.  Some days coloring in my jammies feels right. Some days, wearing nothing feels right. Other days, my black panties with pink ruffles and a bow in my pony tail is absolutely PERFECT! The pull of my pony tail, the gentle caress of a freshly marked ass, even being put in a corner for a little reflection time is ok (i tend to get sassy at times). So, how much can this little girl really come out and play? Calling someone Daddy, well, that is just not for me. Being cuddled and protected and sheltered from a cruel world, who wouldn’t want that? Tell me i am a good girl, or call me lil one, my pussy drips at the thought. My desire to please, completely overwhelming. My sadness when i disappoint, unbearable. The way i pout, the pathetic way my bottom lip quivers when i am nervous, the way my body trembles in fear and excitement. Sometimes i wonder, just how little am i? How fragile is that bow in my hair? In a world surrounded by hate, is it so wrong to snuggle up with a blankie and a unicorn and color a picture? Then get rewarded for being a good lil girl…Hmmm, actually sounds rather soothing.

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