The taking…

19 Feb

The wheel comes out. “Lie on your stomach, don’t move.” Starting at my neck lightly to one shoulder, pressing harder towards the other shoulder. A moan escapes my  lips, a moan that is ignored. Pressure, more pressure down my  spine equals more pressure between my legs. my hips raise as i bite my lip.He dips a finger, “oh yes, my pet, you certainly are enjoying this” i  begin to fade as the rolling spikes become more intense, my quivering legs spread begging for His touch. i can feel His smile as He circles my exposed sex. The pressure of the wheel increases, along with my wetness. Oblivious to the world around me, bucking in delight. i raise my  hips again, my  ass puckers. “That’s it pet, let go, let me prepare you”…..

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