Going out bold

18 Feb

ImageUntil this past weekend the secrets of our lifestyle have been behind closed doors. Now that we have discovered this is the piece our marriage was missing, and work diligently every day to learn more about each other and meeting our needs, Sir decided that we were going out and he would provide the outfit. *mouth hits floor* From my previous post, obviously to say i was excited was an understatement. My breasts were tender and full with delight all day, and my pussy ached at the thoughts of what He would put me in.Of course He arrived home early, and i was still out running around with the kids. i had exactly one hour from the time i arrived home. Sir is very time oriented and asking for more time was not an option. At first i found myself procrastinating out of nerves, almost pacing. Then the moment, He directs my eyes on Him with a firm hand to match the look in His eyes, “Relax lil girl, you are safe with me, i got you,always”, and off i went. Corset, black cardigan,black skirt,thigh high stockings,red high heels, thong, anal plug. The best part..a beautiful collar. My body melted, my insides ignited sending chills and aches and so many other feelings that leave me lost for words.

All of a sudden the shy mousy girl was out in public with purpose, feeling sexy as hell. Thank you Sir.

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