Bits and pieces..cont’d

11 Feb

I want to provide my own insight and answer to the question i posed in the original Bits and Pieces. Absolutely, without a doubt, my answer is yes. Another seed can and will be planted and with proper attention will blossom into a beautiful D/s relationship. As with any ending, a new beginning is bound to start. The question is where to start, the answer is easy. From the beginning. Establishing trust, a foundation to any strong relationship. Communication. The art of communication, often times a lost art. At His Feet. That is where i wish to start.


At your feet….


When I kneel at your feet, i know I have met my match,

i know there world is right, and i can release the latch.

The latch that makes me mom, throughout the entire day,

The latch that feels insecure in oh so many ways.

At your feet i am free, allowed to just be me.

The girl who craves your structure and firm hand.

The woman filled with lust, waiting for Your command.

 My mind becomes clear, my fears are all erased

It is at Your feet Sir, i find the safest place.

*i do not own this beautiful picture of submission,no copyright infringement intended

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