9 Feb

Passion-FlowerAs life sometimes does, a curve ball was thrown our way this past week. Our youngest was hospitalized, transferred by life support team, in pediatric icu, and finally home. Briefly, a tough little man with type 1 diabetes, a nasty strep virus, a potential deadly combination. Needless to say, my entire being was switched to caring for him, my hero,my baby, my 8 year old. When i did get five minutes here or there to turn on my phone and glance at my e mails, it dawned on me. Those of us who are lucky enough to fall into the D/s lifestyle do so for a common reason, my opinion of course.

Passion. It takes a great amount of passion to really live life. Now add in a very intense, highly sexual, extremely demanding way of life and that passion is magnified. Reading the fabulous blogs, escaping briefly from my sorrows and stress of having a child  in the hospital, i realized it is the passion that draws me in to every bit of the D/s dynamic. Whether it is reading a blog, a book, (not Fifty Shades), looking at toys, or simply coloring a picture, passion drives the craving, the craving turns into a need, the need burns a deep desire starting at your toes….and then it is a choice. Ignite the passion, feed on the nectar, or simply remain stagnant.

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