Bits and pieces…..

5 Feb

Yes, He said the right things. Yes, He wants me to submit to Him,i can see Him, i know Him, i fell in love with Him long ago. No it is not always that easy. Here are some bits and pieces of my correspondence with my on line Sir. Keep in mind, the one wanting to be my RT Sir has also seen them. My question, can this deep emotional seed be planted more than once?


“My experience today leads me to believe that absolutely it can happen. A moment of solitude occurred for me today and all of a sudden my mind and body slipped somewhere else. I am not saying I didn’t know what I was doing, I absolutely knew. I had 20 minutes all alone and a desire to right a wrong. I pack up the computer, strip my body down to its most vulnerable state, naked. Turn on computer, turn on cam, fix the angles to the best of my ability, and begin. Begin to expose myself. Only today, not only did I expose myself, I surrendered myself. That is all I know. The result,  some type of release that I have never experienced. In fact, me, the one who loves to cum, over and over, can not even be sure what occurred was  reaching orgasm.

I do know when it was over I pressed stop, and sent…this was autopilot.

When asked my accomplishment, I say my ass met your balls. Thank goodness I was not asked how this occurred, as I have no answer. 4 hours later I realize I went away for a few minutes, from the point of urgency to please, to the point of completion. Now, I feel the result. Until now,I felt nothing. That my friends, is complete submission. Beautiful disaster.  Thank you Sir. -toy ”

“Oh my knees, body exposed,head in the floor,your strength and control has created my surrender that I crave. My arse in the air,pulsating,begging like a dog in heat. Take what you created, mold it for your use, it is hungry, and slutty. , “Thank you Sir”.  Go on, more, devastate  me, as for you I will beg for more. Take what is yours, I crave that use. , “Thank you Sir”.  There is no hiding, my cunt drips like a faucet as you watch and command my every move. I kneel for you,waiting to be had.”

Having shared just these two, i hope it becomes clear that although given the opportunity to rebuild and establish RT, i also have quite a bit of restoring and repairing to do. A mindset has to transition to the person standing before me, willing to take my “gift”. Does that also mean i must leave the Sir behind the screen that taught me who i am? The one i was trained to serve? reblogged from highspeedsteels.

2 Responses to “Bits and pieces…..”

  1. firmbutfair1 February 20, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    It is with great pleasure I read hotlilmess’ blog. I am the Sir she talks about the man behind the screen. I have been a Dom for about 15 years and had wonderful experiences in real life situations so the challenge of online domination was how can I apply what i have learned in real life to an online situation. In training hotlilmess we met by accident on a bdsm website and she was poorly behaved in that she left the room without talking. My natural reaction was to correct that behaviour. I gave her an opprotunity to come back and apologise and she did so…..
    So our journey began. She was scared, excited, horny and best of all was open to exploring her submission. I can tell you readers she is a delightful woman both sexy and intelligent and has blossomed as I have trained her.
    I focussed on two main things:
    eroticisation of mild pain
    orgasm control

    With these two areas of focus I was able to extend her already high level ability to orgasm to be a thing of my whim and control when, how frequently and how long she orgasmed and edging it with erotic pain.

    This may sound clinical but I assure you that it was an interactive and engaging process. I have been remiss in my training recently due to work pressures but will be more available now. I have written more than I intended but if any of her fellow followers wish to ask a question please do so through your hostess and she will pass on as she sees fit.
    her Sir

    • hotlilmess February 20, 2013 at 8:08 am #

      *blushes* thank you Sir for Your kind words. i will do my best to not disappoint.

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