Skeletons unleashed…

4 Feb

ImageWell, i feel i need to address this sooner than later. As i was leading up to in previous posts, learning about my desire to submit and the complete control it had on my mind and body, it also had quite the emotional effect on me. A beautiful metamorphosis started to occur, physically i was slimming down,got back in the gym, and had a sexual heat between my legs like never before. Mentally i beamed. My friends commented on it, my kids were happier, and i thought the man i used to call my best friend and husband just watched me slip away. i could not have been more wrong.
Being oblivious to being sneaky, it never occurred to me to delete my trainings. The man that i thought did not care, proved me wrong. He has been tracking my progress and decided to let me know. He came to me and told me i was the most beautiful sexy attractive woman He has ever seen and that months ago when i started beaming He contacted Sir Himself to thank Him, and ask  Him for guidance. Holy.Fucking.Shit. i do not know what the other end of that conversation was, all i know is Sir provided Him with the necessary contacts, and the man who did not care has been doing extensive research and reading and anything else He feels will help us grow. i was angry at first, okay, fuming! Then i remembered Sir’s words to me not long ago, “My toy, you have a gift. Don’t just give it away.”….Who better than the man i have known for 20 years,the father of my children,my best friend? i honestly do not know who else is deserving of “my gift”. Panic stings my heart,and my mouth starts going,” i am not going to quit my training, i will have contact with Him, you betrayed me, you had no right to go through my computer, you ass hole….” On and on, screaming,tears, absolutely out of control. Then it happened. His response was perfect. “Yes, you are to have contact with Sir, because I am telling you too. You need the training as do i. You will do this for me, not for you. Am i clear? “….and He left before i could say “Yes Sir”.

Out of all the outcomes in the world, this one i expected the least. He is far from a mild mannered man, in fact it took more self control on His part than i can imagine to speak in a strong non yelling voice. He made.His.point. His eyes showed the hurt,the pain, and the determination of a man that is taking control. *chills

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