The toy box…

2 Feb

good girlIt does not take long before my mind and body come together, and it becomes obvious that my lack of sexual desire and drive was not the fault of any man, but it was simply me not knowing what i needed. As my training progressed, it became quite clear to me, i am not suited for the vanilla world. Sir spent hours with me, teaching me about my body, and getting a reaction that i did not know existed. Then the question,” do you have any toys, my toy”….

Staring at the computer in amazement, my jaw dropped and as quick as i could “no Sir” came out. No sooner did He provide examples as what would be required to progress in my training. Looking back, had He asked me to go buy a dildo, i would have run away. It was the way it was brought to me that had excitement rushing through my blood. It was required for my training, translated to it will help me be more successful at serving Him, and that was my purpose. That was my pleasure. That opened the door to my sexuality, and introduced me to a whole new world of delight. My focus had switched to a concentration, and every ounce of my being looked forward to pleasing Him. My purpose clearer than ever.

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