the beginning….

1 Feb

Eventually i will catch up to RT, however, at the moment i am using this blog as a tool to follow my progression, regression, and everything in between! My ultimate goal to have a daily current entry on a beautiful site that we all can experience.Warning, i am far from computer savvy, so this may be quite the lengthy process.  Any and all suggestions always welcome.    It all starts with a click of the mouse.

Mother of 3,night nurse, sexual prime. Any questions? Who knew i had this sexual Goddess aching to come out and play. He did. Unknown to me at the time, He knew what i needed,wanted,and craved. Exploring the internet can always be entertaining, especially in the wee hours of the night when loneliness knocks at your heart. Exploring a site, intrigued by all of the beauty and sexuality, and now someone wants to talk to me?  So i give it a whirl.  It was not a simple flirty IM thing however, at once my attention was glued to the screen, i was captivated. Chatting continued, my hormones surged, my body tingled, and all of a sudden i was this woman in desire sexual need!  (duh, being it was at least a year since i had sex)

Tasks? Sir? Kneeling in front of the screen? At last, i have found an inner peace i have longed for, and never even realized it. hand using a mousethank you for joining my journey, lisa.

One Response to “the beginning….”

  1. S. November 15, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    I need help maybe Sir, could help me too . Please!!!!!! I did not know there was such a thing as an online training for this. Thank you please

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