A toy is born….

1 Feb

So, naturally my  on line training progresses from the infamous messenger, to actual cam, and many videos tracking my progress (*blushing). Until this point, i did not even realize i had a camera on my lap top, let alone the ability to video and be seen on video. All i know is that the words “good girl” typed across the screen send shivers down my spine and ignites a fire within my soul. My emptiness and void of all sexual feeling has been discovered. One of the unique tools to on line D/s is the constant journaling and daily logs that are kept. It not only enhances the task for the day, but allows reflection and processing of the past days events. Looking back, i realize fate was on my side when Sir sought me out. i truly was protected that  night. i did not know what to look for in an on line Dom as that was the furthest thing from my mind. i was clueless as to the way of the on line world, especially as far as D/s goes. i certainly was ignorant as to on line safety. By the time i started to question the ways of the on line world, questioning Him and His intentions never crossed my mind, as He had invested the time to know me better than i know myself. He had become (and remains) a gift i was given. The first few weeks were spent focusing on orgasm control. Wow, if anything can enhance your sex life and for-fill your craving to please, orgasm control is at the top of my list.  To this day, if Sir appears on line and counts, an orgasm will be had regardless of what i am doing!! Saying that, i can also tell you that to this day, i have never heard His voice. From the very beginning, my purpose has remained clear from day one-to serve Him.

Well lovely’s, i think this is a good time to stop and encourage all comments and questions. i will do my best to answer what i can, and will provide resources and avenues for those questions i am unable to answer.

2 Responses to “A toy is born….”

  1. stacieinaz February 5, 2013 at 4:04 am #

    I have a pretty close the same relationship with my Daddy. We have never spoken on the phone, yet he knows how to control me whether in text, fb message. I am his, I do serve him . After months of this is a relationship now but I am not in control. It was very hard to give up my rights. We do want this to be long term, but we are going slow. I have never felt so loved, cared for in my life. I love your blog , I feel like I completely understand you! and I look forward to reading more!!!

    • hotlilmess February 5, 2013 at 7:13 am #

      Thank you so much for your kind words. The feeling is truly amazing, and yes, very real. A complete transformation occurred deep within my soul through months of His guidance. He truly is a gift to me. i will be posting bits of our interactions soon, i am thrilled you can relate. ❤

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